Documents Alleged To Prove Cheney Advocated Torture

Brian Zick

Steve Clemons reports that Col. Lawrence Wilkerson - former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell - claims to have documents which prove that Dick Cheney was an advocate of torture. Steve says that on Wednesday evening, a screening of Eugene Jarecki's film, "Why We Fight." was hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations at the Motion Picture Association of America. Following the screening, there was a panel discussion between Jarecki, Susan Eisenhower, Richard Perle, and Col. Wilkerson. Steve states: "But the big moment came in Perle's response to a question about Cheney and torture. Richard Perle stated that those who believed that Vice President Cheney was an advocate of torture were seriously misinformed and wrong. Lawrence Wilkerson in a pointed rebuke of Perle stated that Cheney was an advocate of torture and that Wilkerson had the documents to 'prove it'."

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