Email Trouble

Brian Zick

Think Progress reports: New Justice Department communications released tonight include an email from Monica Goodling, former counsel to Alberto Gonzales, directing another official to draw up a directive giving her unprecedented authority to hire and fire political staffers. Goodling tells the official, assistant attorney general Paul Corts, to “send [it] directly up to me, outside the system.” In other words, Goodling explicitly requested secrecy in gaining the unprecedented hiring/firing authority, which powers she used for blatantly partisan purposes.Kagro X at dailykos recalls Goodling's recent testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, "I believe I crossed the lines, but I didn’t mean to," and asks what, precisely, Goodling didn't mean to do. Didn't mean to specifically ask that the directive be sent up to you outside of the system?Or didn't mean to… get caught doing it?

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