Fear-Biting Dogs and Taser-Wielding Housewives


Suburban housewives are well on their way to becoming the next culprits of Taser attacks—that’s right, not victims, but the people behind the weapon. Women are becoming the next breed of Taser sales reps, hosting their own Taser parties. As if we don’t already have enough trained cops going around Tasing old women and other barely threatening “attackers," let’s give Tasers to less trained people that walk in fear every day. It’s like a dog that fear-bites. There is a reason fearful dogs are put down rather than put up for adoption—they are dangerous. Rather than wait and analyze their situations rationally, these dogs will bite the most well-meaning person for just walking by. These suburban housewives are potential fear-biters wielding stun guns instead of incisors. Let’s not forget to mention the sexism that goes along with Taser’s marketing scheme. According to Taser, "In today’s world, maintaining self confidence involves the need for self protection. For independent, self-reliant women, the TASER® C2 is an effective protection device that fits any lifestyle." This, to me, is degrading and wrong. I do not need a weapon for “maintaining” my “self confidence.” I am proud to have learned how to defend myself and know my way around the city. Don’t get me wrong—this does not mean that I am not vulnerable to getting mugged, but I personally know more men that have been mugged than women. We have not solved the growing problem of police indiscriminately Tasering people, so how can we promote the use of Tasers by average people anywhere? One last question: What happens when criminals get a hold of their own Tasers? By Becki Scholl

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