FEC Issues Bullshit Ruling That “Bullshit” Is Indecent, Issues Bullshit Fines

Brian Zick

Jeff Jarvis at HuffPo has the story. Listen to audio of NPR's On the Media host Bob Garfield discuss the matter with FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. It's even worse malodorous bullshit than the obvious stench of bullshittiness reveals. Jarvis notes, "… the FCC has ruled that "bullshit" and other allegedly indecent words are, in very rare cases -- namely Saving Private Ryan and Schinder's List -- OK coming from the mouths of white people. But when black blues musicians say "bullshit," the FCC rules them profane. That cultural apartheid is the net result of its new fine against the Martin Scorcese documentary on PBS, The Blues: Godfathers and Sons." (Adelstein dissented from the ruling in the Scorcese blues documentary case, and expects a challenge in court against the FCC's bullshit "bullshit" decision.)

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