Fighting Back Against the Obstructionists

Brian Zick

The Congress has low public approval ratings these days, because the corporate news media keeps telling the public that Congress isn't accomplishing much - as if the Congress is a monolithic operation working with a singular political mind rather than one of competing philosophical views, and that only one side of the political divide is working to prevent the passage of bills wanted by the public which the other side is trying to pass.The Campaign for America's Future has created a petition urging Harry Reid to expose Republican obstructionism of important legislation which is supported by large majorities of the public.American voters elected a new Congress to bury the failed conservative policies of the Bush Era and chart a new course for our nation. The majority in Congress has voted for bold reforms -- including a date to remove troops from Iraq, deep investments in renewable energy, affordable prescription drugs and empowered unions. But a minority of conservatives has blocked these reforms -- pushing their narrow interests, and thwarting the will of most Americans.It’s time to take the gloves off! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has the power to force the hand of these conservative obstructionists. Please sign the petition below, and urge Senator Reid to do so. The petition is here.via Digby

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