Gonzales Visits the Senate Judiciary Committee Again

Brian Zick

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Christy at firedoglake has been live blogging the hearings. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 update: Part 4 update 2: Part 5Paul Kiel at TPM Muckraker has posted highlights and video. Leahy, Specter Lay in to Gonzales Gonzales: NSL Abuses Weren't Really Abuses Gonzales: "That's a Good Question" Gonzales: I Only Visited Ashcroft's Hospital Bed Because Congress Wanted It Gonzales Unsure of How Many USAs He Fired update: Gonzales: "Not So Clear" That Waterboarding Violates Geneva Common Article 3 update 2: Gonzales: Witness Tampering? No, It Was Witness Consolation. Senators Signal Gonzales Perjury Inquiry over Spying Testimony Gonzales Stonewalls on President Involvement in Hospital Visit

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