GOP Senators Threaten to Filibuster No Surge Resolution; Means Warner to Filibuster His Own Bill

Brian Zick

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CNN reports: Senate Republican leaders Friday threatened to block the Senate from taking up a bill that would put the chamber on record disagreeing with President Bush's troop increase in Iraq unless Democrats agree to allow Republican to offer alternatives to the measure. The filibuster threat sets up a high stakes stand-off between the parties ahead of a Monday afternoon vote when 60 votes are needed for the Senate to begin debate. (…) "They have already rejected three compromises that would permit the Senate to vote on the President's plan," Democratic Leader Harry Reid said in a statement. "This obstructionism is an abdication of their responsibility to the American people on the most important issue facing our nation today." Oh, please, please Brer McConnell, please don't throw Dems into that briar patch.

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