Har Dee Har Har

Brian Zick

Funnier Than They Can Possibly Even Know Raw Story reports on the Fox channel's, um, staggeringly lame attempt at emulating the Daily Show. Digby has excellent analysis of the enterprise. The clip below provides a taste of what conservatives think is funny. Norm at onegoodmove has posted another clip, one featuring Rush Limbaugh as President and Ann Coulter as VIce President. My reaction to this was that the premise actually had genuine comedy potential. But then what came out of their mouths was exactly the same thing they always say in every other forum in which they speak. No comic take whatsoever. (Of course, how can anything these two clowns ever say possibly be exaggerated for comedic effect?) They really do think their vile eliminationist and supremacist commentary is humor. Now, that's funny. via Joel Bleifuss

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