Henry Invites George Tenet to Come By for a Chat

Brian Zick

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has announced: Chairman Waxman has invited former CIA Director George Tenet to testify before the Committee on May 10th regarding one of the claims used to justify the war in Iraq - the assertion that Iraq sought to import uranium from Niger - and related issues. Via David Corn, who thinks Tenet is profiteering from his own craven cowardice and Bush ass kissing, and that he owes the public an apology instead. Tenet may feel--as he claims--damn lousy about the screwed-up National Intelligence Estimate that helped pave the way to war in Iraq. But he did not feel bad enough to resign--or to disclose earlier what had gone wrong. He sat on the story and now is peddling it for personal profit. Tenet should have long ago been questioned openly by a congressional committee about all this--though no Republican committee chair would have dared--or he should have spilled all to 60 Minutes and other media, as a public service, not as an advertisement for his book.

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