Henry Writes Another Dear Condi Letter

Brian Zick

Karina at The Gavel reports: "Chairman Waxman Reiterates Request for Testimony from Secretary Rice." After receiving an insufficient response from the State Department’s Legislative Affairs office, Chairman Waxman reiterated his request today for Secretary Rice to testify later this month on President Bush’s claims that Iraq attempted to procure uranium from Niger and other subjects: Dear Madam Secretary:On March 12, 2007, I wrote to you on behalf of the Committee to request answers to multiple letters that I had sent to you over the past four years. I requested a response by March 23, 2007, but I received no reply by that date. As a result, on March 30, 2007, I sent a letter notifying you that the Committee will be holding a hearing on April 18,2007, and I requested that you make yourself available to provide testimony and respond to questions about the issues raised in the March 12 letter.On April 3, 2007, I did receive a letter from your assistant secretary for legislative affairs, Jeffrey Bergner. Mr. Bergner’s letter does not answer many of the Committee’s questions, nor does it provide most of the information and documents the Committee requested. As a result, I continue to request your appearance before the Committee on April 18, 2007. Complete text at the link.

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