House Judiciary Committee Passes Resolution Demanding NSA Data

Brian Zick

Jeralyn Merrit for Talk Left reports "Some good news on the NSA warrantless surveillance issue"She received an e-mail from John Conyer's office announcing passage of H.Res. 819, authored by Robert Wexler (D-FL), which requests "all documents in the possession of the President and the Attorney General, including all legal opinions, relating to requests made without a warrant by the National Security Agency or other Federal departments and agencies to telephone service providers, including wireless telephone service providers, for access to telephone communications records of persons in the United States."Conyers observes "This is the first time a Committee has approved a Resolution of Inquiry demanding information from the Administration this Congress." --- Jeralyn adds: Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner will put the resolution on the House calendar, where, at his discretion, it will be subject to a full vote of the if the Administration refuses to comply.

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