In Paris, More Than 100,000 Demonstrate in Support of Gay Marriage

Amien Essif

Al Jazeera reports on the Sunday demonstration in Paris supporting President Francois Hollande’s push to legalize gay marriage.

As the French parliament prepares to open the debate on legalizing gay marriage on Tuesday, a crowd of demonstrators – estimated at 125,000 by Reuters and close to 400,000 by organizers – marched through Paris to show their support for marriage equality. However, the turnout did not top the 340,000 who turned out for an anti-gay-marriage demonstration the previous week, according to police estimates. Regardless, with support from a majority Socialist and Green parliament, President Hollande’s initiative is expected to succeed.

Amien Essif is a regular contributor to Working In These Times and maintains a blog called The Gazine, which focuses on consumerism, gentrification, and technology with a Luddite bent. His work has also appeared on the Guardian and CounterPunch. You can find him using Twitter reluctantly: @AmienChicago
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