It’s Not Just The Lying, It’s How Painfully Obvious The Lies Are

Brian Zick

Kevin Drum relays the story of Gonzales and Card claiming, when they made their now-notorious hospital visit to the ailing John Ashcroft, that they didn't know Comey had been designated Acting Attorney General. Just days earlier, Justice's chief spokesman had publicly said Comey would serve as "head of the Justice Department" while Ashcroft was ill. Justice officials had also faxed over a document to the White House informing officials of this. When a Gonzales aide claimed the counsel's office could find no record of it, DOJ officials dug out a receipt showing the fax had been received. "People were disgusted as much as livid," said the DOJ official. "It was just the dishonesty of it." Kevin observes: This sounds just like our Alberto, doesn't it? He's consistently demonstrated an inability to construct explanations for bad behavior above the level of a junior high school student. "We didn't get the fax" is par for the course.

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