ITT Love

Anna Schneider

Nation columnist extraordinaire Katha Pollitt gives the ole' shout out to In These Times in this week's column: "The left seems to think its magazines can live on air, then slaps its collective forehead--oh noooo!--when yet another publication gasps its last. Right now, before you forget, subscribe to our Chicago-based sister publication and help this lively monthly provide in-depth reporting, provocative commentary, reviews and, of course, the Appall-o-meter. ITT has lots of new, young talent on board, so prepare to be challenged and surprised. Already a subscriber? Give it to a library, a high school, your doctor's waiting room--at a low holiday rate of $19.95 a year."We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Thanks, Katha. For those of you ITT List readers who haven't subscribed yet, there's still time. Visit today!

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