James Tobin: The OperatorӔ

James Tobin was convicted for charges related to his role in a conspiracy to jam the phone lines of the New Hampshire Democratic Party during the 2002 elections.

Conor Kenny

A consultant in his home state of Maine and lobbyist for the DCI Group in Washington, Tobin was also the regional director of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2002 and the New England fundraising chairman for the 2004 Bush/​Cheney campaign, through which he attained the super-elite Ranger” status.

As documented by Paul Kiel in In These Times (See GOP Jams Democracy,” June 2006), Tobin has been convicted for charges related to his role in a conspiracy in the offices of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee to jam the phone lines of the 2002 get-out-the-vote operations of the Democratic Party and a local firefighters union. Tobin was sentenced to 10 months in prison, 2 years on probation and a $10,000 fine at his trial, for which the Republican National Committee paid his legal fees. 

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