August 2006 Volume 30, Issue 08

Superheroes: Invisibles No Ms
Mexican laborers, real superheroes.
Gabriel Thompson
Unexploded Ordnance: Our Legacy in Laos
unexploded bombs still killing people in Laos decades after Vietnam.
Terry J. Allen
In Politics, Comedy is Central
Comedy is a rising medium for political satire and critique.
Jessica Clark
Hasterts Earmarks: Pork or Politics?
former Speaker Hastert in land deal scandal that questions legitimacy of federal funding.
Phoebe Connelly
Cmon, Get Happy
Being happy has become commercial, individualized, and barbaric.
Jeanine Plant
Enough With the Celebutantes!
celebrity culture is a major culprit in the backlash against women.
Susan J. Douglas
James Tobin: The OperatorӔ
James Tobin was convicted for charges related to his role in a conspiracy to jam the phone lines of the New Hampshire Democratic Party during the 2002 elections.
Conor Kenny
Rene Vaszues Botet: The Extortionist
Conor Kenny
Jack Abramoff: Captain Jack?
Jack Abramoff was a central figure in the "K Street Project" - a barely legal collaboration between Republicans and lobbyists.
Conor Kenny
Bob Kjellander and Nicholas Hurtgen: The Pension PiratesӔ
Robert Kjellander is accused of multiple qustionable state pension deals in Illinois he did while working for the Carlyle Group,
Conor Kenny
Brent Wilkes: The EarmarkerӔ
Brent Wilkes is accused of illegally setting up his own lobbying firm to convince members of Congress to earmark money via appropriations bills.
Conor Kenny
Thomas Noe: The NumismatistӔ
Thomas Noe, Ohio regional fundraising chairman for Bush in 2004, is suspected of laundering $2 million of money from the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation.
Conor Kenny
Nurses Fight to Retain Right to Unionize
An NLRB ruling undercut the rights of millions to unionize by reclassifying them as supervisors.
David Moberg
A Terrifying Distraction
Government entrapment leads to the unlawful arrest of seven Hatian men falsely accused of terrorist actvity.
Salim Muwakkil
Mexican Vote Count Still in Question
Vote count in Mexican presidential election undecided after election.
Linda Lutton
Jane Jacobs, Reconsidered
Jane Jacobs transformed urban planning
Sandy Zipp
If the Paint Sticks, Sling It
MoveOn uses new "Caught red-handed" ad campaign to highlight Republican congressional candidates who put special interests before the public good.
Joel Bleifuss
Bigger Salaries for Big Box Workers?
Will Chicago Pass a Big Box Ordinance to raise worker wages?
Adam Doster
Thank You, Mr. Bush
Bush administration tries to render the media impotent
Terry J. Allen
Death of a Tokers Utopia
Michigan's Raindbow Farm a remnant of Hippie Culture
Steven Wishnia
Go On, Amend Away
Should flag burning be outlawed by Constitutional amendment?
Laura S. Washington
Blowing the Whistle on Diebold
Diebold's electronic voting machines fraught with problems and conspiracy theories
John Ireland

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