John Kerry Comments on the FCC Spectrum Auction

Brian Zick

John Kerry has cross-posted at MyDD and at, discussing the FCC 700MHz auction. The senator provided a copy of his statement from the Commerce Committee hearing today. From the statement: Mr. Chairman, the upcoming auction of spectrum in the 700 band has profound implications for consumers, schools, businesses, emergency first responders, and rural communities. We are presented with a unique opportunity to shape the future of wireless communication and innovation in America. With this auction, we stand at a crossroads--we can either provide extraordinary benefits to millions of Americans or tilt bandwidth policy to line the pockets of a privileged few. There is a clear path I believe must be taken: the airwaves belong to the American people, and their use should serve the public interest. We must establish rules in this auction that encourage competitive entry into the wireless market, spur innovation and increase affordability and availability of broadband services. (full text at either link)

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