Judge Will Hold hearings On NSA Spying Lawsuit

Brian Zick

AP reports Federal judge allows lawsuit against NSA. --Jeebers, apparently Bushco didn't bother to file any defense to the legal challenge at all, just its assertion of "state secrets" privilege. And this judge gots snark! --In March, the plaintiffs asked the judge to declare the National Security Agency's program illegal. They said the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act requires that the spy agency go to a secret court in order to spy within the United States.The government filed a motion saying that no court can consider the issues because of a privilege against revealing state secrets, if doing so harms national security. The judge said she will hear the government's motion only after proceeding with a June 12 hearing on the plaintiffs' motion to summarily declare the spying illegal."Although defendants have not responded to said motion they may, if they appear, argue against it," she said.

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