Just In Case Anyone Starts Naively Thinking They Couldn’t Possibly Do Anything Worse

Brian Zick

1. Looseheadprop at firedoglake reports that Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff has misplaced $22.3 Billion. Gone. Vanished. Auditors note that the loss wasn't due just to shoddy bookkeeping - it was because there was no bookkeeping! (Chertoff, it may be recalled, was Al D'Amato's chief interrogator on the Whitewater Committee, and who was never at a loss to find fault where none existed.) 2. Neil Lewis for the NY Times reports that a senior Pentagon official has criticized lawyers for defending accused GITMO detainees. It's the old GOP stand-by Joe McCarthy-style smear attack, this time an assault on lawyers defending people against unproven allegations by accusers who have predetermined guilt based on no evidence whatsoever except for their sheer ideologically-driven fantasy conjecture.

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