Katie Couric: Diseased People Should Wait For “A Better Day” To Show Themselves In Publi

Brian Zick

Couric interviewed Michael J. Fox about his campaign commercial and appeal for a cure to Parkinson's Disease. Couric asked, could he have waited to film it until he was having a better day, with less dyskinesia? Like, y'know: Couldn't cancer patients wait until a better day when their hair grows back, after losing it from chemo treatments, before subjecting the public to their appearance when promoting a cure for the disease? Couldn't burn victims wait until a better day and their skin grafts have healed before allowing themselves to be photographed? Couldn't quadriplegics have the courtesy to shield the public from seeing them struggle with their wheel chairs? Why don't diseased and crippled people show the basic decency to keep their unpleasantly debilitated bodies away from where fit and healthy Katie Couric can see them and deprive her of a better day? How rude! --- *headline changed to more appropriate focus on the point (rather than merely identifying Couric as a fucktard shithead)

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