Kyle Sampson’s Testimony

Brian Zick

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Today's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Kyle Sampson, recently ex-chief of staff to Attorney General Albertao Gonzales, is being covered by TPM Muckraker, with posts including video clips: here, here, here, and here.Christy at firedoglake has been live blogging the hearings: part 1, part 2, part 3. update: part 4 update 2: part 5.update: More video at TPM Muckraker: Feinstein Questions Samspon on Lam Firing here Sampson Didn't Think of "Perception Problem" here Schumer Questions Sampson about Gonzales Remarks here Sheldon Whitehouse Questions Sampson about His Experience hereupdate 2: Yet more videos at TPM Muckraker: Sampson Explains Rove's Role in U.S. Attorney Nomination here Sampson Suggested Removing Fitzgerald here Sampson Testifies about Conversation with Gonzales about Iglesias here Specter Questions Sampson on Avoiding the Senate here Sampson Admits Lam Was Never Confronted on Immigration here Sampson Claims DoJ Didn't Consider Corruption Investigations hereupdate 3: Sampson: If I Had It To Do Over…. here

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