Larry Flynt: “I was shocked, especially at one senator”

Brian Zick

Larry Flynt was on the Larry King Show discussing forthcoming revelations about sexual indiscretion by morally and ethically hypocritical government officials. KING: Larry, without naming them, because we stand under legal protection here, are others coming?FLYNT: Oh, yes. We've gotten 10 times more leads from the recent ad in "The Post" than we got during the Clinton impeachment. Unbelievable. We've got…KING: Ten times more leads?FLYNT: Yes.KING: Does that mean you have phone numbers that you're following up?FLYNT: Not just phone numbers.KING: Names?FLYNT: We've got good leads. We've got over 300 initially. And they're down to about 30 now which is solid.KING: When are you going to print?FLYNT: Well, the last thing now is we don't know if we want to let it to drip, drip, drip or we want to go with everything at once.KING: You mean you might release 30 names at once?FLYNT: A good possibility.KING: Will we be -- I don't want to get into names yet. Will we be shocked?FLYNT: Yes.KING: Were you shocked?FLYNT: I was shocked, especially at one senator but… via Atrios

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