Late Afternoon Sampler

Brian Zick

Leaks Of National Security Intel Are Okay If You Are A Republican David Corn: "Is there now a partisan loyalty oath at the CIA?" Josh Marshall: "The administration's response to the ills of the intelligence agencies has been to further politicize them, to put them under more reliable political control." Glenn Greenwald observes that GOP Senators Richard Shelby and Orrin Hatch have both been proven leakers of classified information, but for no explained reason have not been prosecuted by the Bush Justice Department. --- Forecast Steve Gilliard: "Bush came in shady and will go out ugly and it won't be in January,2009 unless he's luckier than he's ever been in his life. Bush has never finished anything he started. He either walked away, got bailed out or just stop showing up. Why should this be any different?" --- Threat Projection billmon quote parade "a paranoid and resentful state leader …" "armed with biological or nuclear weapons …" "willing to make strategic use of stateless terrorists …"

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