Lieberman Planning Indie Campaign

Brian Zick

Christy at firedoglake passes along the report from Jane, who provides details of a Lieberman HQ announcement. Atrios has more. He'll run in the Democratic primary while simultaneously getting petition signatures to try and get on the ballot as an independent if he loses. update: Tparty at LamontBlog responds: Members of a party abide by primary results. There is no such thing as an "petitioning Democrat." If there was, Joe could accept the Republican endorsement and run as a "Republican Democrat." Joe has also clearly stated he thinks he will lose the primary on August 8th. His internal polls must look even worse than I thought. Just like when Joe ran for Vice President and Senate at the same time in 2000 - meaning that if he and Gore had won, Democrats would have lost a senate seat to a Republican appointment - he is again putting his own career and self-interest ahead of his constitutents and his party (or now ex-party).

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