Louise Slaughter Defends Wounded Vets Against Department of Defense Retaliation

Brian Zick

Jesse Lee at The Gavel (Speaker Pelosi's blog) reports on the statement by Rep. Slaughter, Chairwoman of the House Rules Committee: “The only acceptable course of action for our military and civilian leaders to take is to fully and openly address any and all concerns regarding veterans’ facilities nation-wide,” Congresswoman Slaughter continued. “Any attempt to silence the very soldiers who brought their own mistreatment to light, or to hide ongoing abuses from the public eye - if such attempts are occurring - would be morally reprehensible. It would be an abdication of one of the most fundamental responsibilities of our government: the protection of those who have fought to protect us.” “Secretary Gates should act on the same principals of accountability and responsibility he so recently advocated and address these reports immediately. As a nation, we need to be honest about the care our veterans are receiving. Their enormous sacrifice demands nothing less.”

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