Make It Stop

Brian Cook

I'd like to second John over at Commonplace Book: This is the alarm clock going off. These are the consequences of an imperial foreign policy and an oligarchic domestic policy. Resources are only allocated to the profitable destruction of faraway cities. Our cities? Who needs them? They're filled with poor people. We've got to do something, you know. It can't go on like this. So please help if you can. And, if you can do this, show up on September 24 too. It's all related. It's all one seamless catastrophe. And it's got to stop. And I'd urge those going to the D.C. protest on the 24th to please take it seriously: No puppets. No street theater. No funny costumes. Tens of thousands of dead New Orleans residents, U.S. soliders and Iraqi civilians are not a reason to celebrate. It's a time to mourn, to get organized and to let these death dealers know that we are seriously angry about their disregard for human life. Dress in black.

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Brian Cook was an editor at In These Times from 2003 to 2009. He now works on the editorial staff of Playboy magazine.
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