MId Day Links

Brian Cook

1) From his hospital bed, Brian Beutler interviews Sen. Russ Feingold over the Dems' cave-in on immunity for spying telecoms. (I'm kidding about the hospital bed; Brian actually did the interview before he got shot. Good news on that front, however. I hear from his TMC editor Adele Stan that he might be released from the hospital today. Hizzah! Keep sending him your good vibes, though, please.) 2) Health Care for America NOW hits the scene, demands to know "Which Side Are You On?". Read Ezra Klein on why this campaign is a big step in the right direction in order to get universal health care passed. 3) One of ITT's favorite oilmen releases a wind-power plan that Grist calls "half brilliant, half dumb." You should read the whole thing, but the short version is: Expanding our windpower capacity--Good. Doing so in order to free up natural gas for cars--Moronic.

Brian Cook was an editor at In These Times from 2003 to 2009. He now works on the editorial staff of Playboy magazine.
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