Mike McCurry Has Turned To The Dark Side

Brian Zick

Mcjoan at dailykos has a Net Neutrality update. Ed Markey is going to be asking the House Rules Committee to approve his legislation as an amendment to the COPE Act when it goes to the floor for a vote by the full House later on in the week. Here's phone numbers of the Rules Committee members to call.Mike McCurry has a commentary up at HuffPo. I can't tell if he's being willfully obtuse, or if he is just so poorly informed in the extreme that his reasoning is total nonsense. I've always liked McCurry. He's certainly never struck me as lacking in intelligence. So I don't get why he's taken his particular stand. (And I don't think he's the sorta guy who is so easily bought that he would sell out his principles.)However, he apparently doesn't recall the days of only 3 TV Networks. And he argues that giving power to just a few telecoms to control the Internet data flow is imperative for technological advance, blissfully unaware of who all he is actually arguing against (Amazon, Earthlink, EBay, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Vonage, Yahoo).Josh Marshall wonders where McCurry's completely out-of-left-field rant can possibly be coming from.David Sirota thinks McCurry "has lost control of his faculties."Please, Mike. If you want to understand why people are upset at your arguments, simply visit savetheinternet.com It will clear up all your misconceptions.update: Markey introduced his Net Neutrality bill today. Evan Derkacz has the story at AlterNet.Today's NY Times editorial has it right: Keeping a Democratic Web.

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