“National Intelligence Estimate” In the News

Brian Zick

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Washington Post: Iraq at Risk of Further Strife, Intelligence Report Warns New York TImes: Intelligence Report Predicts Worsening Cycle of Violence McClatchy: Report questions Bush's Iraq strategy AP: Intel study: Iraq challenge 'daunting' CNN: Report says Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence major threat MSNBC: Iraq at risk of further strife, intel report says Minneapolis Star Tribune: Intelligence estimate cites increasing peril in Iraq Josh Marshall: Wow. The NIE is bad, bad news for the administration. Think Progress: Civil war “accurately describes key elements of the Iraqi conflict” AMERICAblog: New "National Intelligence Estimate" looks grim for Iraq Atrios: The term "civil war" doesn't adequately capture how fucked up things are. Kevin Drum: IRAQ: POSSIBLE TROUBLE SPOT?….After six months of grueling work, our intelligence community has apparently produced a 90-page report stating the obvious

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