New Baker/Christopher Commission to Examine Constitutional Questions of War Powers Authority

Brian Zick

Steve Clemons reports: The University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs -- of which Philip Zelikow used to serve as Director before becoming Condi Rice's Counselor -- has announced the creation of a bipartisan commission that "will examine how the Constitution allocates the powers of beginning, conducting, and ending war." Former Secretaries of State James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher will co-chair this enterprise. Regarding non-traditional wars, the Miller Center announcement states: When armed conflict is looming, debates about separation of powers and the uncertainty they often generate can impair relations among the branches of government, cast doubt on the legitimacy of government action, and prevent focused attention on policy. Armed conflicts with non-state actors and other non-traditional "wars," as well as the courts' involvement in war powers questions, make the Commission's work relevant.

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