No Limits: Introduction

The lack of women in high-level government positions is one of the most glaring, yet least talked about, problems facing women today. In the past four decades, women have entered politics in significant numbers.

Kristie Reilly

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If women, especially young women, have gained a greater sense of confidence, achievement and ability to achieve in the previous decades, then it’s time for women to start making their participation match their population in society.

This issue of In These Times looks at obstacles that still stand in the way of women’s equal participation in government and policy-making. For ideas about where to go next, In These Times turned to some of our most progressive women leaders and elected representatives at the city, state and federal levels. You’ll find their thoughts on leadership and political participation throughout this issue.

Most importantly, the point now is not to change to fit some vague—and somehow, always male—perception of what leadership should be. When women participate in equal numbers in government and policy-making, leadership will be redefined to reflect the way women lead.

It’s about time.

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