NY Times Must-Do List to Rectify Bush/Cheney “Assault on Founding Principles of American Democ

Brian Zick

The editors of the NY Times have compiled The Must-Do List - "a list — which, sadly, is hardly exhaustive — of things that need to be done to reverse the unwise and lawless policies of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney": •Restore Habeas Corpus •Stop Illegal Spying •Ban Torture, Really •Close the C.I.A. Prisons •Account for ‘Ghost Prisoners’ •Ban Extraordinary Rendition •Tighten the Definition of Combatant •Screen Prisoners Fairly and Effectively •Ban Tainted Evidence •Ban Secret Evidence •Better Define ‘Classified’ Evidence •Respect the Right to Counsel •Congress should halt the federal government’s race to classify documents to avoid public scrutiny •Reverse the grievous harm this administration has done to the Freedom of Information Act by encouraging agencies to reject requests for documents whenever possible •United States should apologize to a Canadian citizen and a German citizen, both innocent, who were kidnapped and tortured by American agents •Close the Guantánamo camp

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