On the Thirteenth Day of Fitzmas

Brian Zick

Intrigued by the questions about immunity from prosecution, received by upcoming witness Ari Fleischer, Looseheadprop at firedoglake provides a detailed discussion of the different forms of immunity, and the different purposes they serve.Fitz said he doesn't have any discovery material to turn over to Team Libby with regard to Ari's immunity agreement. Team Libby has voiced skepticism. Fitz responded by stating that he has "been at the game long enough to know defense attorneys will say some things so they can learn things they're not entitled to learn." In other words, Team Libby's demand for Ari-related material is a demand for information not relevant to their case, and just because they're nosy doesn't mean they have any entitlement. The implication being that such material (if any exists) is relevant to some other as yet unspecified case, information about which Fitz doesn't want anyone not entitled to know.

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