On the Thirty Fourth Day of Fitzmas

Brian Zick

Mikey Isikoff for Newsweek reports on über-insider man-of-mystery Richard Hohlt, the guy Bob Novak named, during his Libby trial testimony, as both a frequent source and the recipient of a pre-published copy of his column exposing Valerie Plame. And how that pre-published article was sent to Karl Rove. update: Operating in Total Fantasy Delusionland, right wing purveyor of stupefying lies Victoria Toensing has undertaken her own "criminal prosecution," in a WaPo editorial, leveling charges against Patrick Fitzgerald, Joe Wilson, and the nasty Librul Meeja™. Oh so conveniently, her case, being conducted as it is in the pages of the newspaper, is completely free from actual, y'know, substantiated evidence. More importantly it's grandstandingly void of any rebuttal to her thoroughly bogus allegations. It's a prototypical sample of right wing faith-based "how I desperately want things to be" wishful thinking propaganda, at absolute diametric odds with reality. Pachacutec at firedoglake questions why the Washington Post editors have formally joined the Liars for Libby cheerleading squad. Larry Johnson at No Quarter quickly eviscerates Toensing's falsehoods and smears point by point. Brent Budowsky, also at No Quarter, writes an open letter to Robert Kaiser at the Washington Post, asserting that Toensing's "piece was a shameless attempt to present a nullification defense to the jury, by an officer of the court who has worked for the Departement of Justice. It is attempt to bypass the judge and jury and present arguments to the jury, through the Post, that would not be admissable for law or fact, which also included factual inaccuracy. This is the functional equivalent of the Post editorial board and the Libby defense team standing outside the jury room, handing the jurors leaflets, ignoring the judges instructions, and handing the jurors inadmissable evidence and telling them to vote not guilty."

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