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Politicizing the “Secrets Review” Process: Rewarding Bush Supporters, Punishing Bush Opp

Brian Zick

Steve Clemons introduces Flynt Leverett. Leverett, who used to work for the CIA, wrote a draft for an op-ed in the New York Times, which as standard operating procedure dictates was reviewed by the CIA Publications Review Board to ensure nothing classified secret would be revealed. It was okayed. But the White House then took the unprecedented step to decide for itself who could publish what information. And it didn't like what Leverett had to say about Bush policy in two previous editorials. So despite receiving clearance from the CIA, the White House has censored Leverett's op-ed. Christy at firedoglake provides a career review of Elliott Abrams (convicted but conveniently pardoned Iran/contra criminal), who is behind the vendetta against Leverett.

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