Republicans Vote Against Secret Session to Review National Intelligence Estimate

Brian Zick

Raw Story reports: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has called for a secret session to review the National Intelligence Estimate, which some contend has found that the Iraq war has made America less safe from terrorist attacks, RAW STORY has learned.The House has defeated the motion, 207-170, with just one Republican and one Independent breaking an otherwise party-line vote. Many Republicans and Democrats chose not to cast a vote."I don't know how anyone could vote against it," Pelosi told reporters in a conference call immediately after the vote. "What they're saying by voting against this is, 'Spare me the facts, spare me the truth.'" Pelosi's office has created a continually updated YouTube Playlist, featuring House Democrats commenting on the National Intelligence Estimate.In this clip, Pelosi offers her motion for the secret sessionvia Tracy Van Slyke

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