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Senate Schedules Vote to Stop the War

Brian Zick

Greg Sargent at TPM Cafe reports Harry Reid just spoke on the Senate floor, revealing that he'll allow a vote this week on the Feingold-Reid amendment, which would cut off funding for the war by March 31, 2008. Greg quotes a Senate staffer: "I think there are probably some people who would prefer not to see a vote on this," the staffer says. "It forces people to take a stand."Atrios comments: I imagine there's a pretty close correlation between those who regularly prattle on about Democrats needing to stand for things and show strong leadership, yadda yadda, and those who aren't too thrilled that they'll have to actually take a stand. People hate this war and George Bush, I really don't know why some lawmakers are still a couple years behind the polls. Greg replies: I'd only add that there's also probably a fair amount of overlap between people who aren't too thrilled about taking a stand and people who think Dems shouldn't take a stand against the war lest they be painted as weak. In a sane world taking a stand would be seen as likely to produce an image of strength, not weakness.

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