SNL Lays Into Justice Scalia and His Rant on “Racial Entitlement”

Amien Essif

Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers and guest Kevin Hart offer up a dissenting opinion in response to Justice Scalia’s attack on the Voting Rights Act last Wednesday. During arguments in the the Supreme Court case Shelby County v. Holder Scalia called the 1965 act a “perpetuation of racial entitlement,” saying that, since the problem of racist voter exclusion in the South has been solved, the 1966 act is no longer needed and potentially unconstitutional. “Really?!” asks Hart. “Understand something: Black people don’t like hearing something’s unconstitutional. The Constitution used to say that I’m three-fifths of a person.”

Amien Essif is a regular contributor to Working In These Times and maintains a blog called The Gazine, which focuses on consumerism, gentrification, and technology with a Luddite bent. His work has also appeared on the Guardian and CounterPunch. You can find him using Twitter reluctantly: @AmienChicago
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