The GOP’s Fraudulent “Voter Fraud”  Crusade in Missouri 2006

Brian Zick

Greg Gordon for McClatchy reports: Accusations about voter fraud seemed to fly from every direction in Missouri before last year’s elections. State and national Republicans leaders fretted that dead people might vote or that some live people could cast more than one ballot. In fact, the threat to the integrity of the 2006 elections was seen as so grave that Bradley Schlozman, the acting chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and later the U.S. attorney in Kansas City, twice wielded the power of the federal government to try to fix it. Even the Republican-controlled Missouri General Assembly stepped into action. Now, six months after freshman Missouri senator Jim Talent’s defeat handed Democrats control of the U.S. Senate, disclosures in the wake of the firings of eight U.S. attorneys show that GOP campaign to protect the balloting was not as it appeared. In fact, no significant voter fraud was ever proven. Gordon details several attempts by Republican officials to prevent legitimate voters from voting, because of the GOP fear they would vote for Democrats.

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