The New York Times’ Selective Editing to Misrepresent the Truth

Brian Zick

The New York Times tried to play a "gotcha" on Ned Lamont, by making his recent criticisms of Joe Lieberman's 1998 Senate floor rebuke of President Clinton appear to be a hypocritical contradiction of what Lamont said at the time, in a letter sent to Lieberman. The Times quoted passages from the letter. But somehow managed to leave unmentioned all the parts which show that Lamont has been entirely consistent - pretty much verbatim consistent.Atrios posts a copy of Lamont's actual letter, which expressed then precisely the same complaint Lamont recently voiced.(Atrios' archive link has some page display trouble which is interfering (on my browser) with the image of the letter jpeg, so it might be better to go to the site's main page.)

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