This Moment on Earth: Today’s New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future

Brian Zick

SusanG at dailykos has a review of the new book by John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry. The Kerrys, in this lucid new book on environmentalism, gather together tales of every-day heroes who felt a calling to assume personal responsibility to take on corporations and stubborn government agencies in order to change their own small corner of the world, wherever they were living in it. (…) Interspersed throughout the specific reports of local successful activist campaigns are scientific details and policy prescriptions; this is a tough format to make readable, but the authors manage it deftly, giving just enough scientific information to make sense of what the problem is and just enough explanation of law and policy to apply (or create) a reasonable solution. They also manage to move smoothly between macro information on a global scale and micro looks at regional problems. There’s a lot of meat in this volume, given the format they’ve chosen and the massive amount of information they must have struggled with whether to include. Wisely, a solid appendix is included with resources and reports for those interested in pursuing some of the subjects in more detail without bogging down the ongoing narrative they create in the body of the work.

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