Weekend Blog Roundup

Brian Cook

Direland sets things off with two great posts. First, he reveals the night and day (or yesterday and today) of Bush's "family values." (Their logical conclusion, it seems, ends with "the sexual exploitation of a child."). Immediately following is his ruthless evisceration of would-be-but-now-(thankfully)-never-will-be Homeland Security chief, Bernie Kerik. It reads like the intellectual equivalent of a police brutality beating, only in reverse. Damn, Doug, don't kill him! ITT readers who recall Tom Barry's article "Is Iran Next?" will want to check out this article by UPI's Richard Sale on the latest regarding the AIPAC/Israeli spy scandal. Marc Cooper provides a respectful obituary for Gary Webb, the reporter who pursued links between the CIA, Nicaraguan contras and L.A.'s crack cocaine epidemic. Webb, blackballed by the mainstream media since he published his "Dark Alliance" series in the San Jose Mercury News, committed suicide this weekend. Finally, for the existentially-minded, I suggest a jaunt over to Lenin's Tomb, where Lenin parses the prospects for humanity's happiness in Camus' Sisyphus.

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