Yet Another Reason Miers should not be Part of our Government

Anna Schneider

In addition to the fact that President Bush's latest Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, has a wonderful track record of advancing the usual neo-conservative values and aiding corporate greed, it seems she may also have been involved in Bush's presidential oversight that helped bring us 9/11.I was poking around one of my favorite blogs,, and stumbled across this article that says… On its front page Tuesday, The New York Times published a photo of new US Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers going over a briefing paper with President George W. Bush at his Crawford ranch “in August 2001,” the caption reads.USA Today and the Boston Globe carried the photo labeled simply “2001,” but many other newspapers ran the picture in print or on the Web with a more precise date: Aug. 6, 2001.Does that date sound familiar? Indeed, that was the date, a little over a month before 9/11, that President Bush was briefed on the now-famous “PDB” that declared that Osama Bin Laden was “determined” to attack the US homeland, perhaps with hijacked planes. But does that mean that Miers had anything to do with that briefing?As it turns out, yes… Just like our new Chief Justice Roberts, Miers is an old friend of Bush's whose been on his inside track for years. One of her previous jobs entailed handing Bush his Presidential Daily Briefings, including the August 6, 2001, Briefing that warned of Osama Bin Laden's burning desire to attack the US. We may never know if she is going over that particular PDB with Bush in the photo, according to Either way, this is another issue to add to the list of complaints we need to be making to our representatives asking them not to approve her appointment to the Supreme Court.

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