Hadas Thier is an activist and socialist in New York, the author of A People’s Guide to Capitalism: An Introduction to Marxist Economics, and a regular contributor to Jacobin Magazine. She tweets at @HadasThier.

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A Left Answer to Inflation
It is time to forsake the Chicago school of economics.
The Federal Reserve’s Answer to Inflation Is Class War
The conventional medicine for fighting inflation is to make workers pay. And that is what the Federal Reserve, with Joe Biden’s approval, is planning to do.
Ilhan Omar's Only Offense Is Telling the Truth About the United States and Israel
Republicans and Democrats are once again targeting the Minnesota congresswoman for acknowledging the crimes of imperialism and occupation.
It's Time for Democrats to Pick a Side on Israeli Apartheid
As violence rages in Gaza, U.S. officials must come to the aid of the oppressed or face political consequences.
The Global South Faces a 'Vaccine Apartheid'
Just 10 nations have administered 75% of the vaccines worldwide. Countries like South Africa are being left behind.
Activists Demand Rich Countries Suspend Patent Laws and Share Vaccines Freely
As rich countries hoard vaccine stocks, activists are calling for a just global distribution.
Politicians Play Chicken With Economic Relief While Americans Starve
Republicans and Democrats are prioritizing their own political fortunes over the wellbeing of millions.
It's Cheap to Be Rich
The rot in our economic system stems from an increasingly regressive tax system that favors corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.
The Problem Isn't That People Are Greedy—It's That They're Capitalist
Capitalism's ethos of “grow or die” comes at our expense.
Nationalize the Pharmaceutical Industry Now
The status quo will kill us.