A Tax the Rich Can’t Avoid
New income is only a fraction of their fortunes—we need to target their wealth.
In These Times Editors
Emigrating From the U.S. May Be the Only Way To Afford Eldercare
A nursing home for my mother in Germany would cost less than half of what she pays in Sacramento.
Elizabeth Zach
Black Lives Matter. Do Elections?
Barbara Ransby profiles today’s Black freedom fighters, who are posing sophisticated new answers to old Left questions—like how to engage in electoral politics.
Frances Fox Piven
Racism After the First Black President
The GOP has become viciously racist, while Democrats follow Obama’s lead in skirting the issue.
James Thindwa
These Mexican Artists Are Transforming Weapons Into Instruments
Prominent Mexican Artists Carla Fernández and Pedro Reyes address gun violence and ways to sustain Indigenous culture in their collaborative exhibit.
Dirce Toca
A Left Sub-caucus in Congress Could Help Push Medicare for All
Back in 1991, Bernie Sanders helped create the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Now, a sub-caucus within the CPC could help rally the progressive Left.
In These Times Staff
What the Civil War Can Teach Us About Trying to Compromise With Trump
A new history of the antebellum period shows us how remaining moderate can mean letting human rights violations drag on for far too long.
Phyllis Eckhaus
What If Everyone Got $100 To Donate to the Candidate of Their Choice?
Democracy vouchers, explained,
In These Times Editors
Top 10 Strangest (and Most Beautiful) Films of 2018
The best films of the year explore the hollowness of contemporary Korean culture, faith in an era of climate change, the last frantic day in the life of a Hollywood director and more.
Michael Atkinson
News Feed Fatigue: It’s Getting Harder To Think
The case for taking a break from the news.
Jessa Crispin
Actually, We Don’t Need To Grow the Economy
Protecting the planet requires scaling down, not up.
Dayton Martindale
In Roma, Alfonso Cuarón Zooms in on Class Tensions
Set in early 1970s Mexico, a new film explores the life of a domestic worker in a middle-class family.
Ilan Stavans
The Typical Workplace Is a Dictatorship. But It Doesn’t Have To Be.
Socialists and progressives have a variety of ideas to bring democracy into the workplace.
In These Times Editors
China’s Digitized Abyss: YY and the Void of Online Fame
Hao Wu’s documentary People’s Republic of Desire explores the dystopia of livestream fandom.
Michael Atkinson
15 Years Ago, We Predicted the Financial Crash. We Think Another Is On Its Way.
In These Times called for real bank regulation back in 2003—it still hasn’t happened.
In These Times Editors
Want Better Sex? Try Socialism.
In "Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism," Kristen R. Ghodsee argues that economic independence for women not only helps all of society—it improves heterosexual relationships too.
Jane Miller
Black Women Voters Aren’t “Saving America.” We’re Saving Ourselves.
Since at least the 1830s, Black women have organized, campaigned, and voted for issues that matter to us most.
Joshunda Sanders
America’s Great Strike Waves Have Shaped the Country. We Can Unleash Another.
Erik Loomis’ "A History of America in Ten Strikes" is a powerful reminder of the need for worker militancy.
Shaun Richman
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