Letter From Gaza: "Birdsong One Minute, Missiles the Next"
"We live a bitter existence, facing the specter of death daily, under the weight of an unjust oppressor."
Eman Ashraf Alhaj Ali
Climate Disaster Is Here—and the State Will Never Save Us
"States demonstrate, again and again, that not only do they not protect the Earth, they facilitate its destruction." Dean Spade on the promise of speculative fiction and a review of The Ministry for the Future and The Deluge.
Dean Spade
“Prison Itself Is Censorship”: Mariame Kaba on the Freedom to Read
52 years after the Attica uprising, a new exhibit closing this week by the author of “We Do This ’Til We Free Us” explores carceral book bans.
Jack McCordick
Capitalism Is Not “The One”
An exclusive excerpt from Malaika Jabali's new book, It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism, a guide to socialism for budding anti-capitalists.
Malaika Jabali
"We Call It a Policy of Slow Killing”: Why so Many Are Calling for the Release of Walid Daqqah
Daqqah, a Palestinian who has spent almost four decades in an Israeli prison, served his full sentence but it has been extended. He is also terminally ill and being denied adequate care. These are some of his writings.
Dalia Taha and Walid Daqqah
Art Against Occupation
Malak Mattar's London show examines the U.K.' s role in Palestinian colonization.
Matt A. Hanson
No Parties on a Dead Planet: It’s Time We Reimagine Burning Man
Why this ecologically devastating escapist drug party just hits differently in 2023.
Corinne Loperfido
bread tube collage
Meet the Left YouTubers Blowing Up the Alt-Right Pipeline
The Right has flooded the internet with misinformation. The content creators of BreadTube are doing something about it.
Armand D. Jackson, Ivonne Ortiz and Xuandi Wang
On Lizzo and Sex and Bananas, Oh My!
At the end of the day, the Lizzo story is not about sex: it’s about labor.
Yasmin Nair
Tyler Childers’ New "In Your Love" Video Marries the Joy of Queer Love With the Horrors of Black Lung
Childers' new music video for "In Your Love” is a striking portrait of queer resilience—and coal baron greed.
Kim Kelly
What Succession Teaches Us About Capitalism
The HBO hit series reminds us capitalism cannot be reformed, it must be destroyed.
Yasmin Nair
Jail Support Won't Stop Until Everyone Is Free
"Until the jails go away, we're staying."
Hana Urban
Meet the New Queer Archive Creating a Home for Trans Films
While trans rights are under attack globally, Otherness Archive is creating a revolutionary space for artists that shows their “full, glorious complexity.”
Meggie Gates and Hana Urban
From Illinois to Tennessee, Drag Performers are Resisting Anti-Trans Legislation
An explosion of bans on drag performance and gender-affirming care have surged nationwide. The community is fighting back.
Henry Hicks IV
Succession Series Finale: Here Be No Monsters
On Succession and the mobility of capitalism.
Yasmin Nair
Even Breathing Is Strange: Reflections on the 3rd Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder
A poem and essay on black motherhood—and life.
Cassie Williams
“I Think I’m Done Striving”: Delia Cai Against the American Dream
After writing her debut novel, the Central Places author turns her ambitions to her community
Jireh Deng
Jorts The Cat Wants You To Fight Back
We sat down with the labor movement’s favorite feline to talk about intersectional power, using Twitter for organizing and how his co-workers keep him from falling into the trash.
Aparna Gopalan
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