Socialism and Feminism: We Can’t Have One Without the Other
Fighting capitalism and patriarchy at the same time.
In These Times Editors
Steve Bannon’s European Dream
Europe used to serve as a utopian vision for the Left and a punching bag for the Right. Now it’s reversing.
Eleanor Penny
Serial Misogyn-Neigh: The New “BoJack” Explores How We Let Famous Men, And Horses, Off the Hook
Season five of BoJack Horseman turns a critical eye on its characters and itself.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Portrait of the Environmentalist as a Young Arsonist
Abby Geni's new novel, The Wildlands, explores means and ends in the fight for animal and Earth liberation.
Dayton Martindale
Imagining What Birds Think of Climate Change
An artist anticipates the end of the world from an avian perspective.
Zachary Kligler
How Fallout 76 Can Help Us Rebuild West Virginia
In the post-apocalyptic video game, millions of players will imagine an Appalachia reborn from the ashes.
Elizabeth Catte
The Philanthropy Racket or: How The People Destroying the World Anoint Themselves Its Saviors
How the global elite cast themselves as do-gooders.
Chris Lehmann
How Young Black Radicals Put the World on Notice
Charlene Carruthers’ new book, Unapologetic, showcases a queer women-led black liberation movement that’s upending past paradigms.
Salim Muwakkil
What It Really Means To Abolish ICE
The root of the problem is the criminalization of immigrants.
In These Times Editors
Why Dreams of Striking It Rich Are Actually Anti-Capitalist
The quest for buried treasure is a quest to escape the market.
David Anthony
Araby: A Road Movie Driven By Economic Necessity, Not Wanderlust
A new film follows a working-class everyman through the margins of Brazilian capitalism.
Michael Atkinson
Sorry To Bother You Is the Anti-Capitalist Black Comedy We’ve Been Waiting For
Boots Riley’s new film shows how black liberation and labor politics are enmeshed. And it’s funny.
Lauren Michele Jackson
Turning Abandoned Gold Mines Into Wheelchair Paths
How a motley alliance of hippies and hillbillies transformed a California mining town.
Stephanie Sauer
A Brief Case for Cancelling All Student Loan Debt
It isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s smart economics.
In These Times Editors
In Yellowstone, Heavy Lies the Stetson (on Kevin Costner’s Head)
Land disputes, water rights, Native sovereignty: Paramount’s new series could hardly be more relevant to today’s West.
Carson Vaughan
We’re Still Locking Up the Mentally Ill
When the only prescription is jail time.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Zora Neale Hurston’s Lost Work Couldn’t Come at a Better Time
In Barracoon, published 58 years after her death, the Harlem Renaissance writer interviews the last known survivor of a slave ship.
Lauren Michele Jackson
What Noam Chomsky Got Right About NAFTA
In 1994, writing for In These Times, Noam Chomsky predicted the trade deal would cause “rural misery and a surplus of labor” and “the fading of meaningful and democratic processes.”
In These Times Editors
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