May Day Reminds Us That Labor's Fight & the Fight Against Mass Incarceration Are Connected (w/ Mansa Musa)

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May 3, 2023

Max and Jules want to wish everyone out there a happy May Day (ie International Workers Day)! To commemorate this most sacred of holidays, we are sharing with our audience the audio of a special holiday crossover edition of Rattling the Bars, The Real News Network's weekly YouTube show about the violence and victims of the prison-industrial complex—and how we can fight against it. In this episode, Max sits down with Rattling the Bars host Mansa Musa, a former political prisoner who was locked up for 48 years, to talk about the history and spirit of May Day, and about how this day reminds us that the labor movement and the movement to end the brutal system of mass incarceration are fundamentally intertwined.Additional links/info below...

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