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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Working People

This is a podcast by, for, and about the working class today (in partnership with In These Times magazine). Working People is a podcast about working-class lives in 21st-century America. In every episode you'll hear interviews with workers from around the country, from all walks of life. We'll talk about their life stories, their jobs, politics, and families, their joys and hopes and frustrations. Working People aims to share and celebrate the diverse stories of working-class people, to remind ourselves that our stories matter, and to build a sense of shared struggle and solidarity between workers around the country.

August 16, 2022 50:44
(Unlocked) BONUS EPISODE - Mansa Musa
August 10, 2022 01:58:31
August 2, 2022 48:27
You Gotta Stand Up for What's Right (w/ Lauren Bianchi & Chuck Stark)
July 26, 2022 53:25
Chipotle United (w/ Brandi McNease)
July 19, 2022 57:09
An Injury to One Is an Injury to All (w/ Gabbi Pierce & Martha Grevatt)
July 15, 2022 01:22:22
RMT Strike (w/ Mel Mullings, Clayton Clive, Cat Cray, & Gaz Jackson)
July 11, 2022 29:52
Labor on the Airwaves (w/ Judy Ancel, Sarah Jaffe, Michelle Chen, Jamie Partridge, & Chris Garlock)
July 4, 2022 01:17:09
(Unlocked) BONUS EPISODE - Labor Notes Postgame (w/ Tevita 'Uhatafe, McKenna Schueler, & Jacob Morrison)
June 28, 2022 01:02:58
Alicia Johnson
June 23, 2022 01:17:42
Dr. Frances Gill
June 18, 2022 57:59
Dollar Store Workers Deserve Better (w/ Kenya Slaughter & Curtis Williams)
June 8, 2022 31:09
Starbucks Sinks to a New Low (w/ Nadia Vitek)
June 1, 2022 46:02
The Five-Year Union Election (w/ Maggie Levantovskaya)
May 25, 2022 01:26:14
Caliber Workers Union (w/ Tyler Powles & Erinn Murphy)
May 21, 2022 01:39:54
Tevita 'Uhatafe
May 11, 2022 39:25
Starbucks "partners" becoming partners (w/ Arianna Ayala)
May 8, 2022 01:39:02
50 Years of Class War in Wisconsin (w/ Frank Emspak & Adrienne Pagac)
April 26, 2022 01:39:56
Amazon Labor Union
April 20, 2022 43:16
Kenyon Student Workers & Indiana Graduate Workers on Strike (w/ Molly Orr, Nora Weber, & Anne Kavalerchik)
April 13, 2022 42:38
Maricela Aguilar Monroy
April 6, 2022 02:59:58
Susan Simensky Bietila
March 28, 2022 28:58
Practice What You Preach, SPLC (w/ Lisa D. Wright & Katie Glenn)
March 23, 2022 57:17
Al Levie
March 22, 2022 48:53
Do Better, Howard (w/ Dr. Aisha Bonner Cozad & Dr. Sean Pears)
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Maximillian Alvarez is editor-in-chief at the Real News Network and host of the podcast Working People, available at InThe​se​Times​.com. He is also the author of The Work of Living: Working People Talk About Their Lives and the Year the World Broke.

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