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LaborIsrael & Palestine
We Can’t Let the Press Launder Israel’s War
A coalition of movement journalism organizations has come together to form Media Against Apartheid and Displacement, which sets out to uplift urgent reporting on the genocide.
Lara Witt and Maya Schenwar
South Baltimore Residents Have Had Enough of Rail Giant Pollution
Curtis Bay residents rallied at the CSX rail terminal with a simple demand: “We have to remove CSX for the health of our communities.”
Maximillian Alvarez
Jamaal Bowman’s Loss Does Not Mean That AIPAC Is Winning
The Squad may have lost a key member, but AIPAC has had to drastically narrow its ambitions, targeting the most vulnerable of Israel critics in order to inflate its strength.
Branko Marcetic
Rural America
How U.S. Cities Outsource Their Carbon Emissions to Rural Areas
While the rest of country benefits, rural communities are disproportionately exposed to the pollution caused by power and food production.
Claire Carlson
The Myth of the "Poll-Driven" Democrat Is Cover for Conservative Policy Preferences
Selective "popularism" is being used by the Democratic Party establishment to pursue reactionary ideological goals.
Adam Johnson
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: We Must Understand Israel as a Settler-Colonial State
"Just as the U.S. celebrates itself as 'a nation of immigrants,' Zionists celebrated Palestine as a land without people for a people without land."
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
LGBT Workers Need Unions, Not Rainbow Capitalism
Major companies are weighing the benefits of pinkwashing as anti-LGBT extremism is on the rise. Doug Ireland's 1999 piece reminds us what organized labor can offer queer and trans workers.
In These Times Editors
“Raid Happening Now”: Scenes from UChicago’s Popular University
“We are the encampment. We’ll be back.”
Eman Abdelhadi
The Landmark Ruling Against Chiquita Exposes the Failure of Voluntary “Corporate Social Responsibility”
Chiquita’s financing of a Colombian paramilitary group while claiming a reputation as a “responsible corporate citizen” shows the need for robust civil society institutions.
Manpreet Kaur Kalra and Anna Canning
Two state police troopers hold down two protestors on the grass at Indiana University while several other swat team members look on.
FeatureIsrael & PalestineElection 2024
The Crackdown on Campus Protests is Just Beginning
At least a dozen colleges and universities have changed their policies to make it harder to protest the war on Gaza. More may follow this summer.
Adam Federman
Trump’s Conviction Doesn’t Change the Fact That the Criminal Justice System Is Rigged In Favor of Rich Elites
The conviction of Donald Trump is not proof that the criminal justice system works—it was simply never intended to ensnare people like him.
Sonali Kolhatkar
How Big Business Made a Sacrifice Zone out of South Baltimore
Longtime Baltimore residents on the fight for environmental justice and what it feels like to be "sacrificed" by industry.
Maximillian Alvarez
A protester holds a placard reading "Popular Front" during a Paris demonstration on June 10, 2024.
ViewpointElection 2024
A Right-Wing Turn to Nowhere
The banal cruelty of Europe’s “protest vote for the status quo.”
Alberto Toscano
Baltimore Longshoreman on the Key Bridge Collapse: “It’s not surprising that this ship lost power.”
Veteran longshoreman John Blom on the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the slow recovery ahead for port workers.
Maximillian Alvarez
No, JoJo Siwa Did Not Invent Gay Pop
Let’s not erase the icons that came before us.
Briana L. Ureña-Ravelo
Those Who Hate Public Sector Unions Also Hate Democracy. It's Not a Coincidence.
A huge union win in the Fairfax County schools could be the first of many.
Hamilton Nolan
Independent Press for Working People and a Free Palestine
In These Times was recently awarded the 2024 Izzy Award for “outstanding achievement in independent media.” This speech has been significantly edited for length and clarity.
Alex Han
Pictured is a statue of the Virgin Mary in Quito, Ecuador, where in 2008, abortion rights activists hung a large white banner reading "Aborto Seguro" which means safe abortion.
Safe Abortions Everywhere, Regardless of the Law
After Dobbs, learning from the Global South.
Naomi Braine
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